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Redefining how omnivores eat.

​Who we are

We are two engineers who love to cook ridiculously amazing food. 

What we do

High-end, in-home dinner parties, but not like your grandma would do! We specialize in amazing eating experiences hosted at your home. Damn good food, booze, and friends, without the hassle of cooking and cleaning. 

Our Philosophy 

Food should blow your mind. The taste should linger not only in your mouth, but in your thoughts. And we believe that regardless of your dietary style, you should be able to eat food that does this!

We believe that vegetable based food (vegetarian/vegan) doesn't have to be on the side next to a slab of meat, or be an after thought in the menu planning process. For us, vegetables are the highlight and are f***ing amazing.

Why can't meat AND vegetable-based dishes both be equally amazing, satisfying, & epic? 

We promise you they can.



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