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You have questions, we have answers.

We want this experience to be as easy, simple, and memorable as possible from start to finish. If you still have some questions that we have not addressed below, you know how to reach us.


What is the required number of people for a private dinner?

While we have no minimum requirement for people, (yes we will even cook for 1 person), the number of people will affect the pricing of the dinner. We generally prefer to do dinners for 8 - 10 people, as this will also be the most cost effective for the host/group. We do have a minimum requirement of $800 for the total food and booze cost for an eating experience (not including taxes and gratuity).



What if I or my guests have dietary restrictions or food allergies?


We are very conscious and aware of the dietary restrictions and/or allergies people may have. Before we begin the menu planning for a group, we will contact all of your guests to find our any dietary restrictions and allergies they may have. We will then  plan the menu accordingly to accommodate your guests.

Do you do wine or cocktail pairings?

We can certainly do wine or cocktail pairings. We are happy to provide suggestions of pairings at no charge. If you would like us to provide the wine/cocktails, please let us know and we'll take care of it. There is an additional cost for us to provide the wine or cocktail pairings.


Will you bring all the dishes, utensils, etc. for dinner?

We will discuss with the host of the event to see what items they have for use, including silverware, plates, bowls, etc. For an additional fee, we can coordinate staffing and rentals of any other items that are needed. 

We do ensure that all the dishes used are cleaned before leaving, as well as the kitchen.


What if I have to cancel or re-schedule?


We understand that unexpected things can come up. All we ask is that you let us know 7 calendar days before the event regarding any cancellations or schedule changes. If you cannot let us know before 7 calendar days, the 25% deposit will not be refunded, though any remaining balance will be returned.


How does the payment work?

We accept all major credit cards and request the payments be submitted through PayPal (a PayPal account is not required). Once we confirm the details of the event, we will send you all the information you need to finalize the payment.

We require a 25% refundable deposit to reserve a date.

At 7 days before the scheduled date, we require a full payment.


How long is the dinner? What is the day of schedule?


The duration of the dinner will vary depending on the number of guests and courses. Typically, a  7 course dinner for 8 people will last 3 hours. 

In terms of the day of schedule, we would coordinate with the host of the dinner to arrive at their house 4-6 hours before guests arrive so we can setup, prep and have everything ready for service. Once dinner finishes, we would clean-up the kitchen and leave within 1.5 hours.

It is up to you to decide when the dinner will actually begin, whether that be 4pm, 6pm, etc.

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