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Amazing Eating Experiences Brought to You

We cook, you eat. The format, the friends, the location are all up to you -- just leave the menu to us. Its a great way to have an evening away from the kids and spend the night with friends. We specialize in vegetarian and vegan eating experiences.


We also do private cooking classes, pop-up/charity dinners, and anything else involving eating.

We are based in San Diego, but will travel ANYWHERE.

vegetarian dinner, vegan dinner, supper club, San Diego, fine dining
vegetarian dinner, vegan dinner, supper club, San Diego, fine dining
vegetarian dinner, vegan dinner, supper club, San Diego, fine dining
Private Eating Experiences

Its better than intercourse, its multi-course. Omnivore eating experiences are a great way to get a group of friends together, enjoy epic food and have a memorable time, with no hassle.

We will come to your home, prepare the eating experiences, and serve it to your guests. We will also take care of the clean-up before we leave for the night -- nobody likes messy multi-course. 




Pricing for an amazing eating experience at your home is below. We typically host dinners with 8 - 10 people in a group.

  • 3 - 4 courses                          Starting at $55 / person

  •    6 - 8 courses                          Starting at $110 / person

  •     9+ courses                                        Please contact us     

Requests for specialty food items such as truffles, rare cuts of meat/seafood may incur an additional cost.




You are always welcome to provide your own libations, and we are more than happy to help you with pairings and suggestions.

However, if you would like us to provide the wine or cocktails, the estimated pricing is below (varies based on course count):

  • Wine pairings                       $35 - $100 / person

  • Cocktail pairings                 $40 - $110 / person

*We do require that a minimum of $800 total in food and booze cost per group dinner be met (exclusive of tax). Travel fees may apply outside of the San Diego County area. All pricing will be finalized before any payment is due. Gratuities are not included and are up to your discretion.

Catering / Cooking Classes

We love parties and events, and if you are looking to host one for a larger group of people, we'll bring the food and the booze!

Baby showers, birthday, bachelor/ette parties... make an excuse for an event and we'll be there.

Cooking classes -- a trip to the farmer's market, wine and cheese with friends, and actually learning how to make amazing food rather than following recipes. Yes, we will do that for you.

Please contact us for event specific pricing or to setup cooking classes.



* If your party is quiet because your guests can't stop eating the amazing food, please don't blame us.

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